A Non Profit 501 (C)3 Charitable Organization serving the Philadelphia region.

Our Mission

Community Partnership • Family Empowerment • Building Legacy

We now live in the age of internet technology. 

Our mission is for no family be without a workable computer in their home.  Not having such accessibility to today's fast moving information greatly inhibits a child from learning all he or she can. We strive to provide disadvantaged children in Philadelphia and surrounding counties with refurbished computers to assist in their educational and occupational goals.

What's New?

Here's our newest announcements and updates! 

 COLEFELD FOUNDATION is asking for a $25 or more donation towards the offsetting of technical help, transportation, parts, and similar aspects components of our foundation. You can help us in the "How to Help" Page! 

What Does The Colefeld Foundation Do?


The Colefeld Foundation receives computers from donors in various conditions. We come to you!


We check on the computer's health and performance, and if any fixes need to be made, we optimize the computer so it's ready for its new home.

Gives Back

We redistribute the optimized computers to the people who need it most in our community, giving them the tools they need to be successful.

The Making of Our First Story

This loving family was our organization's first donees' in November of 2015. They were referred to us through RHD/Fasst Connections Rehabilitations Program. The family, especially the children, were ecstatic to receive their computer, and their smiles were incredibly inspiring. Our biggest achievement this day was our ability to provide to this family with the necessary and impactful tools needed to keep up with our ever-changing technological world, and this victory set the tone for what The Colefeld Foundation would continue to do in the future.

Could you use help from The Colefeld Foundation?

If you feel like you or anyone you know could find a solution in our foundation, please do not hesitate to apply for our program. Everything we do is free, and is driven by our motivation to see you succeed. 

At the core of what we do, we just want to help others help themselves.

         - Troy Felder, Founder

Do you want to help The Colefeld Foundation? 

The Colefeld Foundation is always looking to expand our impact in the community, and we could use your help. There are main 3 ways to assist our mission, and your help would directly be funneled back into our neighborhoods.

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