Recent Events

What We've Been Up To

You're at the heart of our efforts as we've been hard at work collecting, restoring, and distributing computers for various events and causes. Generous donors like you have enabled us to refurbish computers to their prime condition.

A Christmas Giveaway

This past Christmas season, the Colefeld Foundation partnered with the Wynnefield Community Block Association for a heartwarming event. While the WCNA hosted a delightful holiday party and toy giveaway, we, at the Colefeld Foundation, extended our support through 'The Christmas Giveaway.' During this event, we distributed an array of computers and accessories to empower our community in their technology pursuits. It was a day brimming with festivities, generosity, and a shared vision of bridging the digital divide. 

Our Experience

The Colefeld Foundation started the day with a host of materials to give back. We included: a printer, computers, monitors, and even LEGOS!

It was lovely to be apart of a community that had a mission of making Christmas better for those in need. We look forward to continuing being part of this community and extending our reach to more communities!

It was lovely to meet this family who was looking for technology materials to continue their school year!

Partnership with Resources for Human Development

Earlier this year, we established a meaningful partnership with Resources for Human Development to elevate the experience of clients in the midst of their transition from RHD programs. Our shared vision is that these tools will not only bolster their careers but also empower them to continue making valuable contributions to the Philadelphia community.

Our Experience

It was truly heartwarming to connect with the vibrant Philadelphia community and meet these wonderful individuals. We are deeply committed to sustaining this invaluable work and building relationships with the people who contribute to the unique beauty of Philadelphia.