Who We Are

Troy T. Felder Sr.


My name is Troy Felder Sr. and I was born in the heart of North Philadelphia. Grateful to have been raised by a loving and caring family, I couldn't help but to notice the poverty all around me. I grew up around men who were dedicated to be doers and not talkers and as young men, we were shown that taking care of our communities was just as much of our responsibility as we are to taking care of ourselves. Driven by that passion, I sought an opportunity to help those who were struggling to help themselves. That is when The Colefeld Foundation was born.

 I realized that even though we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there are many who still do not own a computer, something that has become a necessity for our households today. So I began asking family and friends if they had any old units they no longer had use for and were willing to donate them for a worthy cause. The response was amazing. People understood what I was doing and why. When the old units would come in, out of my own pocket , I purchased parts and pay my techs to refurbished these units to current standards and donated to those who absolutely needed but absolutely didn't have. Its been 7 years since we started and I still get the same joy of helping as I did when we first started.

David G.

Tech Manager

This is David G, he's the tech guru and stays behind the scenes at The Coldfeld Foundation. David's technological expertise and experience help fix and optimize our computer's so they are ready for their new owners. David loves to give to those in need, and loves doing so through his work at The Colefeld Foundation.

Logan Brown

Tech Associate

Logan Brown is a West Philadelphia native and current sophomore at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. He is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and African-American Studies. Logan hopes to use his technology skills to give back to his community in ways similar to the goals of this foundation. If there are any technological concerns, including but not limited to: virus prevention, parental controls, or expanding memory and storage, please contact him at Lrrown@wesleyan.edub.

Where We Are

The Colefeld Foundation

Philadelphia County, Buck County, Montgomery County, Delaware County

(267) - 736 - 9246